Refreshing the Range

Respond Healthcare

3D CGI Design, Brand Development, Website Design & Build

Respond Healthcare provides a prescription and dispensing home delivery service to stoma and continence care patients, along with a range of essential ‘accessories’ products that help patients to manage their health needs. Many of these accessories were acquired brands and retailed under their original (and tired) brand names. 

From doing the original Respond brand research and strategy work to creating a whole new brand for the range of products, we future-proofed Respond and The Care Range. For The Care Range we created the product brand, renamed individual products, designed the packaging, designed and built the website, and created all the launch materials. 

Aligning the old brands under The Care Range name brought the products into today, creating a look and feel more in keeping with being a part of an individual’s life, and not ‘medical’. The brief was to create a premium brand that encapsulated the trusted and supportive values of the primary brand, Respond. When we established the Respond brand strategy, itself a merger of acquired brands, the way they looked after their patient customers became a primary focus; they really did make life better for them. 

A major challenge of the launch was the tight timeline between product availability and the production deadlines; there was no time for photography.

We overcame this by creating a full set of photo realistic 3D CGI images for the full product set. Producing these in-house gave the client a cost effective, scalable and flexible set of assets which could be manipulated and output for all marketing needs, for launch and beyond.  

Having the ability to be able to offer 3D CGI and animation helps solve creative challenges, and push the boundaries of the client’s imagination, as well as ours. 

Our latest work included the product naming and packaging design of Refresh, the latest product added to The Care Range. 

These look amazing.

UK Marketing Manager, Respond Healthcare