Physical Literacy Through Football

FAW Trust

Brand Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Research

The Footie Families programme needed to appeal to all ages. Young boys, girls, their mums and dads and the coaches who would be delivering the programme.  

It also needed to sit right with the FAW Trust’s brand. But first off, we needed to plan how the academic teachings and market development goals could turn into a fun programme that got toddlers moving.

After setting out the plan we looked at using the brand font and colour ways but took it off path, giving it an energy to suit the young game. The three different sized footballs add a graphical dimension to the identity and represent the different size footballs children use as they grow. 

From approval of the brand identity, we set about the development of characters to bring the programme to life across all comms and promotional items. We knew that these characters needed to be fully inclusive, and the ‘family’ includes characters of mixed gender, race and ability to appeal to all.  

The success of the Footie Families campaign and the way that the FAW Trust have fallen in love with its characters has meant that the programme continues to run successfully, and the characters have been used to promote further programmes and deliver messages to clubs at a grassroots level.

I really love the characters and the more I see them the more I just love them!

Head of Football Development, FAW Trust