World Cup Match Hub


Data, Strategy, Website Design & Build

The first action of our rethink and reconstruction of Welsh football’s digital home was to deliver a data driven, dynamic World Cup match hub.

With Cymru off to their first World Cup finals for 64 years, can you imagine being given the task of transforming the digital experience for thousands of players throughout Wales, fans (that’s us too!) and volunteers, starting with a hub for all news and game info coming out of Qatar.

Imagine it we did. The match hub is the start of a long-term project to overhaul the Football Association of Wales’ multiple websites, to give users a singular digital entry to all of Welsh football’s programmes and activities.

Our vision was for a content-led, data driven site that would bring users back to the site time and again, increasing opportunities for e-commerce and other commercial streams.

When you have the potential to pull together over a million annual online visitors, it’s essential that the website offers the same, if not better, high quality experience as others who are competing for Welsh eyeballs. Not literally eyeballs, of course.

Having already developed a curated media and streaming platform, we were in a great place to show how our thinking and way of working would create the go-to Welsh football website [Read on below].

Massive thanks. Amazing work

Digital Engagement Officer, FAW

But first the match hub. The goal (pun intended) was to have a dynamic match hub ready for the start of Wales’ campaign. We spent the first few weeks working on some prototype tech; testing match data feeds and manual commentary updates, photo and social media uploads.

With just 4 weeks to go we received access to the live data feed API, had to rebuild a number of the end point calls, work around varying data formats and then tweak server set up for the expected traffic spikes.

We made it to kick-off, and despite the results on the pitch, the client was happy with the results online. You could say it was a game of two halves.

Through 2023 we’ll progress the match hub to cover more of the domestic game, as well as the next National Men’s and Women’s team fixtures.

You can take a look here

Luxury Getaways

Monroe Homes

Brand Development, Website Design & Build

Monroe Homes is a bold start-up, creating a personal and prestigious service for those looking for something a little bit special from their holiday. We did our research, created a bespoke, unique brand, then delivered a luxury booking site that has helped sell out the current properties this year, and driven significant sales for next year too.   

The brand identity has a unique reference back to the owner’s own luxury holiday home which sets the bespoke tone of the holiday experience Monroe Homes offer their clients.  

Tamarisk House sits on the Cotswold Water Park and is architecturally unique amongst the other homes situated around it. A key insight from the workshops was the link between the bespoke service from Monroe Homes and the unique nature of the house. We focused our brand identity design on integrating this relationship. 

Over six weeks and a multitude of design iterations the client settled on (well, fell in love with) the final identity featuring shapes from the connecting, external spiral staircase. This rigorous design work created a homely yet professional feel.  

The new website has helped them to expand their portfolio of personally managed properties, building a unique Monroe Homes experience for property owners and guests. The application delivers a tailor-made digital solution, with a bespoke property search and booking application, which talks in real-time to external partner engines such as AirBnB. 

Website design prototyping ensured the UX and UI would be fully scalable and perform perfectly at the start with just Tamarisk House listed, or with many more.   

An effortless experience for the user was key, and a core functional element of this is the property search process. With the site built on WordPress’ Gutenberg technology, the property search function is a custom-built component that can be adapted to the variety of booking patterns a multi-property site will need. 

Now, time for a break.

A fantastic team, høpp studio have done a great job giving us a beautiful site that is helping us grow the portfolio of properties we will now bring online. What a fantastic team to work with.

Director, Monroe Homes

Refreshing the Range

Respond Healthcare

3D CGI Design, Brand Development, Website Design & Build

Respond Healthcare provides a prescription and dispensing home delivery service to stoma and continence care patients, along with a range of essential ‘accessories’ products that help patients to manage their health needs. Many of these accessories were acquired brands and retailed under their original (and tired) brand names. 

From doing the original Respond brand research and strategy work to creating a whole new brand for the range of products, we future-proofed Respond and The Care Range. For The Care Range we created the product brand, renamed individual products, designed the packaging, designed and built the website, and created all the launch materials. 

Aligning the old brands under The Care Range name brought the products into today, creating a look and feel more in keeping with being a part of an individual’s life, and not ‘medical’. The brief was to create a premium brand that encapsulated the trusted and supportive values of the primary brand, Respond. When we established the Respond brand strategy, itself a merger of acquired brands, the way they looked after their patient customers became a primary focus; they really did make life better for them. 

A major challenge of the launch was the tight timeline between product availability and the production deadlines; there was no time for photography.

We overcame this by creating a full set of photo realistic 3D CGI images for the full product set. Producing these in-house gave the client a cost effective, scalable and flexible set of assets which could be manipulated and output for all marketing needs, for launch and beyond.  

Having the ability to be able to offer 3D CGI and animation helps solve creative challenges, and push the boundaries of the client’s imagination, as well as ours. 

Our latest work included the product naming and packaging design of Refresh, the latest product added to The Care Range. 

These look amazing.

UK Marketing Manager, Respond Healthcare

International Coach Education

FAW Trust

Graphic Design, Website Design & Build

Following on from the successful client response to the Clwb.Cymru site we were briefed to develop a more accessible, easier to navigate website to host the online elements of the 2022 FAW National Coaches Conference.

This joined up thinking, having both sites built on the same theme meant synergy and harmony between the two, something vital for a brand as big as FAW. Crucially code was shared where it needed to be but also divergence when it was needed, done in a scalable, maintainable way. 

Stage one of the brief was to design and build a landing page where attendees could purchase a ticket to attend at Wales’ leading conference centre, The Celtic Manor Resort.  

As soon as the landing site to purchase tickets was live it was full steam ahead to design, develop and build the main site which would be a one stop shop for the attendees who could access key information via log-in access to the weekends schedule and online elements to support the key speakers.  

A simple but powerful video carousel that was designed to prioritise mobile viewing offered an elegant way to tailor videos that users would see on login. With the addition of an advanced video library with filtering that allows users to seamlessly navigate through a large library of videos from the weekend and also for the future. 

Grassroots Growth

FAW Trust

Brand Development, Graphic Design, Website Design & Build

Clwb Cymru is a Football Association of Wales Trust programme created to educate and develop key club volunteers and facilitate them to grow their grassroots club within their local Welsh community. 

We created the Clwb Cymru brand and a broad suite of information resources and built a new digital platform to support the clubs. 

Our vision for Clwb Cymru was to create a solution that was scalable, easy to use and extensible, ensuring that ease of use was at the heart of everything we designed and developed.  

The website will grow massively over time, so creating a design that works with minimal and maximal content was very important. We planned this through thorough testing of the UX and UI, internally and externally with stakeholders to identify the strongest route to future-proofing this build.  

The site contains an easy-to-search multilingual resource library with over 130 resources, and growing, for clubs to download in both English and Welsh. A unique ‘pack’ functionality that combines multiple resources into a single zip file with the zip created programmatically on the fly, saves hours of administration time.  

At høpp studio they truly care! The team have taken the time to understand me, my project and the needs of our volunteers who sit at the heart of Clwb Cymru.

Football Development Manager, FAW Trust

Having never worked on this type of project before they have provided some incredible insight and suggestions that I would have never even considered.

Football Development Manager, FAW Trust

The logo was designed to represent the many hands of volunteers within the community, linking together to support one another in making their club the best that it can be within ‘The Welsh Way’ FAW Trust brand vision. The circular graphic of the logo and the volunteer ecosystem formed the basis of the design and navigation for the site.  

From approval of the UX, prototyping commenced, with a serious focus on implementing technologies that provided the user with an easy and informative way to navigate through the site, such as the circular navigation device and carousel, which makes it easy to find information and reinforces the function and form of the logo.  

The whole site is what’s known as a “Single Page App”, meaning when a user navigates to a new page, instead of loading all of the site assets again (css and js), only the content is updated, offering near instant loading, and making the site feel snappier, and easier to navigate and use. Single Page Apps can be difficult to pull off because the sites’ javascript has to be loaded a different way, which is why lots of sites don’t do it. But we felt that the benefits to the user outweighed the technical overhead in doing it. For example, getting the resource library working with the Single Page App effect took a really sharp focus from a solution finding perspective and some creative ways of loading the code when we needed it. 

Female Demographic Character Development

FAW Trust

Brand Development, Graphic Design, Website Design & Build

The Football of Wales Trust looks after numerous areas of the grassroots game, including encouraging more young girls and women to get involved, as players, volunteers, coaches and supporting the running of local clubs. 

At the core of the campaign to engage directly with people not usually involved with the game was the idea to show ‘this game is for people like me’. 

Research-led character profiles inform six individual personalities that included names, ages, the football programme that they would be suitable for, along with outlining their physical appearance and personality traits and clothing.  

We brought Amira, Ffion, Izzy, Polly, Seren and Mia to life through illustration, and the characters used to promote the growth of female participation at grassroots clubs as players and volunteers, or to attend their workshops and programmes.

The illustrations were presented on by a very happy client; forming part of a major presentation showcasing Wales’ work to promote the female game.

Thanks so much for the final versions and for your collaboration on them. I presented to UEFA yesterday and they went down very well for the interactive task we used them for.

Football Development Manager, FAW Trust