Brand Vision

Intelligent Ultrasound

Animation, Brand Development, Graphic Design, Website & eLearning Platform

Intelligent Ultrasound creates ultrasound products that train clinicians in the classroom, and then supports and guides them in the clinic, with real-time artificial intelligence image analysis software.

høppstudio created a new visual identity drawing on insight sessions with the client and stakeholders. We fleshed out a new typeface, colour palette, and design language to support the existing logo. 

The new e-learning site gives us scale and flexibility to easily build on the number of courses offered. It’s a great tool too to support the product sales process. 

The visual design exercise was closely aligned to first iterations of the website UX and design stages, where we prototyped the typography and colour proposal across many layouts and pages, carefully reviewing the relationship between information, function and brand form.  

A new website and e-learning platform were the first expressions of the new Intelligent Ultrasound brand.  

We had two main goals for the new website; make it much easier for users to find relevant information whether about products and services, or about the company’s financial information and reporting, and to enable the site design to reflect the ambitious aim to unlock the power of ultrasound, for everyone.  

The website was an exciting opportunity to use the latest tech to create an impactful and future-proof site that fed into a broader body of work to elevate the Intelligent Ultrasound brand.  

We have used the new WordPress Gutenberg editor since it was in beta in 2018 so we were able to quickly establish what core functionality of Gutenberg we could use, and where there were gaps, which would mean building additional custom functionality. 

We ended up building over a dozen custom Gutenberg blocks and used the default Gutenberg blocks in unique and innovative ways.  

The custom theme was adopted for the e-learning platform where we used a core lesson build system alongside custom-built academic module and learner management functionality to deliver a scalable, interactive IU Academy site. The system has the capability to manage media rich courses with hundreds of lessons.  

The application deploys a flexible and extendable component library for the client to manage content.  

E-commerce features on both the main brand website and the e-learning platform. 

The website looks fab!

Head of Marketing, Intelligent Ultrasound