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Monroe Homes

Brand Development, Website Design & Build

Monroe Homes is a bold start-up, creating a personal and prestigious service for those looking for something a little bit special from their holiday. We did our research, created a bespoke, unique brand, then delivered a luxury booking site that has helped sell out the current properties this year, and driven significant sales for next year too.   

The brand identity has a unique reference back to the owner’s own luxury holiday home which sets the bespoke tone of the holiday experience Monroe Homes offer their clients.  

Tamarisk House sits on the Cotswold Water Park and is architecturally unique amongst the other homes situated around it. A key insight from the workshops was the link between the bespoke service from Monroe Homes and the unique nature of the house. We focused our brand identity design on integrating this relationship. 

Over six weeks and a multitude of design iterations the client settled on (well, fell in love with) the final identity featuring shapes from the connecting, external spiral staircase. This rigorous design work created a homely yet professional feel.  

The new website has helped them to expand their portfolio of personally managed properties, building a unique Monroe Homes experience for property owners and guests. The application delivers a tailor-made digital solution, with a bespoke property search and booking application, which talks in real-time to external partner engines such as AirBnB. 

Website design prototyping ensured the UX and UI would be fully scalable and perform perfectly at the start with just Tamarisk House listed, or with many more.   

An effortless experience for the user was key, and a core functional element of this is the property search process. With the site built on WordPress’ Gutenberg technology, the property search function is a custom-built component that can be adapted to the variety of booking patterns a multi-property site will need. 

Now, time for a break.

A fantastic team, høpp studio have done a great job giving us a beautiful site that is helping us grow the portfolio of properties we will now bring online. What a fantastic team to work with.

Director, Monroe Homes