Meet the team and more new biz!

Client news, Meet the team

As our team grows across within høppstudio, we thought we’d introduce them one by one and today, who better to start with than Account Director, Sarah Gill.

At the start of this week Sarah notched up her fifth year at høppstudio, and today landed a new client, growing our roster of sport and sport-related clients.

For this new client we’ll be helping them finalise and communicate their new strategy in print, and online.

Sarah is tenacious, super organised and keeps the studio and dev teams on track, delivering great work that our clients love and delivers stand out results for them.

She’s developed into an accomplished client handler across brand, design and some really innovative digital projects.

If you’d like to hear what our clients say about Sarah (it is all really, really good) and why she’s a game changer for them as well as us, get in touch.