høpp studio is a multi-disciplinary team of curious creatives, developers and strategists. Our goal is to create real and positive change.

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Data, Strategy, Website Design & Build

FAW World Cup Hub

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Brand Development, Website Design & Build

Monroe Homes

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3D CGI Design, Brand Development, Website Design & Build

The Care Range

Our Services

We’ve spent years, decades even, perfecting our skills as a team, to create the best work for our clients. We never sit back and relax. We learn.

As an agile agency, we adapt so your work is always expertly delivered.

We work this way to find creative solutions, whatever the challenge, which lead to memorable experiences for customers, and add lasting value for clients.


From creating naming strategies for organisations and brands, to teasing details out of insight to create genuine, transformational change. We establish the brand values and vision, and create the visual frameworks and brand design.

Every brand and culture project needs powerful insight; we design bespoke and scalable research including quantitative surveys, qualitative workshops and consultations that sharply informs service, product and messaging design.


When it comes to taking a brand framework and creating new design work, we are naturally digital, and expert in print. Whether for a website, a brochure or an envelope wrapping an important piece of direct mail, getting the tone right and being ‘on-brand’ is as essential as being clear, concise and easy to read.

UX & web design

By understanding your users, planning through UX prototyping, and iterating the graphical design and functionality independently, we push to create the very best, most effective version of your website. We almost always launch sites that are even better than expected by being inspired by the process and challenging ourselves.

web development

We’re expert at building secure, scalable and performant digital experiences. Recent projects have included bespoke e-learning systems, media and events platforms, and e-commerce and booking applications. Data, CRM and other application integrations come as standard.

cgi & video

Being skilled in cgi and video production means we can offer clients alternative solutions. For a healthcare range that we named and designed the packaging for, we used CGI to create marketing imagery and videos before the products entered manufacture.

Our video capability extends to animation, mixed real-life and animated films, 3D animations and virtual reality. CGI and video assets are also cost-effectively created for social media and online use.

our clients

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